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Act now – we provide attractive loans in Switzerland

If you are looking for a reliable partner who can offer reasonable loans in Switzerland, then the experts from Handeys GmbH is the contact for you. Are you in need of short term financial support to turn your dreams into reality?

If yes, then we are ready to stand by you.

Apply for loans in Switzerland It is certainly understandable if you are tired of waiting to finally be able to afford to travel to inspirational destinations. Do you want to use a loan with attractive terms for a new technical device? Perhaps a new flat screen television and sound system? No problem! O

ur diverse portfolio of services provide the options which suit your particular needs.

How to achieve your desires with our help

In order to take advantage of our services, certain conditions must be met: you must hold a Swiss or Lichtenstein passport, provide proof of full or part time employment or as a foreign national show proof of a valid B, C, G, or L ID card then Handeys can provide the fast, efficient financing you require.

Moreover, we are able to work with those who are on a disability, survivor or retired pension plans.

Have we sparked your interest?

Do you still have questions regarding our products and services? For a detailed consultation we are always ready to serve you.


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