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We find the most cost efficient insurance for you

Experience has shown that it is extremely difficult for policyholders to find cheap insurance policies that are tailored to individual needs. We help you to filter out the best solution from an often bewildering mass of insurance offers and products. We analyze your existing insurance package for free and check where there are potential savings.

To find good cheap insurance, we deal with these issues:

How well are you covered?

• What type of insurance do you currently have in regards to the policies available?
• Is it possible that you are paying for double insurance?
• Are there serious gaps in your insurance coverage?
• Does the best value package offered suit your personal needs?

What insurance benefits are offered?

• What does the insurance XY in detail?
• Does the policy contain the services you really need?
• Are you insured during vacations or when travelling?
• Is dental coverage included?

What costs does your insurance cover?

• How much do you currently pay?
• How will your insurance costs develop in the future?
• Can another provider offer you the same services at a cheaper price?

As you can see, it is not always easy to find world-class, yet affordable, insurance companies who serve your needs. The experienced professionals at Handeys can help you make informed decisions about your financial future. Don’t hesitate to contact so we can advise you in detail.