Frequently asked questions

We can help you where principal banks cannot. We check every incoming file integrally and can grant a loan despite previous refusals. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we will find a solution for you, even in the most difficult circumstances.
In order to obtain a private loan, you must hold a Swiss passport or a residence permit B, C, L or G (frontier worker), or be a pensioner AHV or IV. You must be between the ages of 18 and 70. Please note: The granting of credit is forbidden if it leads to the overindebtedness of the consumer (Art. 3 of the Swiss Federal Act Against Unfair Competition (UWG/LCD)).
In order to process your loan application we will need an application form completed in full, a copy of your proof of ID (ID card, Swiss passport, or residence permit) as well as a your latest pay slip if you receive a fixed wage, or your three latest pay slips if you receive an hourly rate. Should we need more information in the future, we will get in touch directly.
Processing time for your application depends on your collaboration. If your application form is duly completed, you should receive a loan decision under 24 hours. After reception of all documents, and a favourable financing decision, the loan amount is paid out to you directly after the statutory 7 day period of revocation.
The loan application and processing are free of charge at Handleys Finanzen. Even if your application is unsuccessful, you still do not have to pay any administrative fees.
You can opt for a safeguard insurance which will have you covered in case of incapacity, disability or unemployment.
As a basic principle, we are only able to provide financing if you are a Swiss resident or a have been a cross-border worker for the past three years.
The ultimate deadline for repayment is settled in your contract (contract duration). An early repayment of your loan is also possible at any time.
Get in touch with Handleys Finanzen immediately. We can advise you personally. In most cases, we will find a solution to your problem.
If you change your banking information and your instalments are settled by direct debit, you should send us your new information immediately by writing. This is the only way to avoid an invalid withdrawal on your old account.
The borrower is obliged to notify Handeys Finanzen of any change of address within 10 days after registering with the residents’ registration office. If the borrower is moving to another country, the outstanding debt is to be paid in full at least 10 days before departure. Until a new address has been communicated, all messages and notifications sent to the address indicated by the borrower to Handeys Finanzen are considered valid.
Yes, as long as your permit is valid at the date of application and if you have been residing in Switzerland for a minimum of 6 months.
We also grant loans to self-employed workers. We will gladly answer all your questions on this suject: Tel. 056 203 30 50
Yes, in Switzerland, it is possible for private persons to deduct the interest of their debt from their income tax.
ZEK stands for „central office for credit information“ where are registered customers who do not pay their instalments regularly or in full. Handeys Finanzen checks whether a loan is possible, even if your ZEK-code is negative.
Yes. We handle your application with absolute discretion and in confidence. Like banks, we are subjected to the data protection act and rules on banking secrecy.