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Swiss private credit

Handeys provides attractive Swiss private credit

If you have a financial situation and require a competent partner in Swiss private credit matters, do not hesitate to contact us. If there are unplaned purchases lined up a good advice can be often expensive. The credit specialists Handeys GmbH is different. With our products and services, we assist you in getting back having your finance organized and be able to make short-term investments without costing any pain.

To request an attractive Swiss private credit, you need to have a Swiss or Liechtenstein passport, if you are a non Swiss or Liechtenstein citizen, you need have a B, C, G or L identification card. With a prove of permanent job or self-employment statement you are getting closer to a credit application. Even with disability pension, retirement and survivor annuity, you can contact us for requesting a Swiss private credit.

Wheter there are pending purchase to be made or dreams to be filled – having a low-cost personal loan in Switzerland, we are the right person to contact. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are available and advise you in all credit matter.

We will provide you a personal loan with great terms. We ensure transparency, and that you can get a comprehensive overview of your prospective personal loan in advance, this can be a base for the loan calculator to show fast result. If you wish to have a cosultation, we are here to answer any question any time.


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