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There is an ever-growing demand for financial planning and insurance optimization. Complicated areas of expertise must be used in the best possible way to fit specific customer needs. This requires a high level of experience and competence. Handeys Finanzen is here to help : whether you wish to take out a loan as a self-employed person, or need an immediate loan, a small loan, or a debt consolidation loan. We also offer our expertise to help choose the right credit card for you, or if you need advice on insurance policies.

Our employees are always up to date with the latest developments in credit issues, and we undergo ongoing training to constantly develop our knowledge. This is how we can help you replace an existing loan, or offer advice on questions concerning loans for pensioners or special loans for IV pensioners, loans for cosmetic surgery or travel loans. We can also answer all your questions about small loans.

Thinking and acting responsibly in this regard is key to long term quality relations with our customers, and the foundation for a trusting cooperation. This is also true when you are in a hurry: if required, we can provide you with emergency loans or loans with instant approval. Our loan decisions are often met in less than 24hours. Handeys Finanzen has been a certified financial services provider for over 10 years and occupies a solid place on the market: we grant all of our loans in confidence. Credit types are chosen neutrally and impartially and designed to best fit our customers’ needs, whether it be for online or cash credit. What is more, Handeys offers payment by instalments even for very small amounts of money.

But Handeys ist much more. Our know-how can also help you when it comes to insurance policy: it is a well known fact that choosing the right insurance cover can save you a lot of money. Our employees and coworkers can advise you in this respect, independently from banks and insurers. Careful comparison can help you make savings in many areas – which is why it is worth doing such a comparison straight away. Why pay more for identical services and benefits?

We work with banks, fund providers, property insurance companies, assets managers and health insurance companies, and use their offers as a base to create solutions perfectly tailored to our customers’ needs.

Since every customer has individual insurance needs, we have a different approach : Handeys works with respectable and eminent insurance companies, but remains independent. This way, the choice of products and providers stays impartial.

Whatever you trust us with: Handeys Finanzen guarantees rapid processing, a free quote and a personalised contract.

Your advantages

We offer…

Absolute discretion
A decision within 24 hours
Fair terms of credit
Fixed loan repayments
Years of experience
Serious and competent advice
Support and assistance after the loan contract has been concluded


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We are a certified financial services provider since 2000.